Flowers on an autumn Saturday

I recently started to think about how to utilize my phone to capture the beauty of this world, this wonderful, amazing space God has created for each individual to live in and enjoy.

You can see this world through a different pair of eyes … called lens.

Sometimes, if you see from a different angle, a discourage can turn into an encouragement; a hurt can turn into a comfort; and beautiful triplets can be even more astonishing: perfectly blended into the background.

This is what comes next: a flower recipe, for me, an amateur cook and a flower lover. Please look forward to more pictures at this little corner of the world. :]

3 West (Continued)

Many things have happened this the morning.

An old, VIP patient fell and hurt his knee, so the chief nurse had to call and comfort his wife, who I believe must had paniced and been anxious. It is often seen in the hospitals that old couples hold each other’s hand and support each other whenever they can. Even the ones that are not spending much can time together during the day, I can tell that they got married because they were in love and they probably have been loving each other.

And then, during my break, I was reading this novel about an old man walking, literally walking, to see his old female friend who he had lost contact with but suddenly heard from. In the sections I was reading today, there are detailed descriptions of his psychological changes as well as those of his wife’s, who stays at home as her husband progresses towards the destination. Over twenty-some years, their daily conversations have been minimized to simple greetings and superficial responses. However what they do not realize is that after these many years, they still love each other yet they don’t know it.

Somehow, I started to miss him. I also thought about my parents. And then myself. Life is so unpredictable, but if I read this book before mom was sick, if I shared this book with her before or while she was sick, and if she actually read it and thought about it, would anything change? Would she realize something that had been hiding from her during the years of marriage? How much I wish she was here with me.

A small but very interesting finding: the facial tissue can signal! The color of the last a few pieces is different from while, so people know when to refill, replace or make new purchases. Isn’t that cool?  

3 West

Patients walk in the aisle between breakfast and lunch hours. Because 3W was built as a loop, I see walking patients several times during the morning. Sometimes the patient walks with the accompany of his or her spouse; most of the time they walk alone.

The lady that resides in room 72 has high fall risk, very common. She doesn’t press any button or make any calls to inform anyone she needs help. Instead, she yells “I need help! Help! Someone help me!” The voice can pass through the heavy wooden door and be heard by the HUSC who sits right in front of 72. Nurses can’t do anything about it.

I feel sorry about this lady living in 72. She reminds me of my mom, who was so helpless and hopeless perhaps, yet still wishing someone could take away the pain. I don’t want to be sick, and I don’t like feeling hopeless. What a blessing it is for people to have their spouse or families with them when they get old.

where is home?

I miss home.

But where is home?

I don’t belong to China,

Nor America.

I can’t get along with Chinese,

Nor Americans.

What make trusting a person so difficult?

“The bitch set me up!”

That’s the first quote I learned in DC.

I want to be at home.

Isn’t it the only safe place in the world?

But where is home?

My home?

Safe And Sound

This poem is a precious gift from a really, really kind person.
It’s significant to me for so many reasons that
I’ll thank you, this person, for writing this poem for your concern, comfort, and sympathy.

Safe And Sound
by Secret

Lies are secrets.
Secrets are not all lies.

Lies are bad,
Secrets are not all bad.

Secrets are made and kept.
Make as many as you may;
Keep as much as you can.

So what if its bad?
Why put a lie on it?
Why put a secret on a secret?
Why make it worse?

A secret on a secret
Is not an addition.
Its an exponent.

Indeed, keep as much as you can.
But how much can you keep?

So what if its bad?
Keep it sound.

Safe and sound.

i am who i am

i am glad that i am growing.
i want to be as perfect as i can.
i wish what i do may satisfy
my mom and dad,
my teachers and colleagues,
my pastors and friends,
my God, Father, Lord…

I don’t belong to this world,
but I live in this world.
I don’t worry about what I’m about to suffer,
since HE will always be with me.
If HE had not come and spoken to me,
I would not be guilty of sin.

My heart should not be troubled.
Trust in God; trust also in Jesus.
He is the light; He is the salt.
He is the water; He is the bread.
He is the vine; I am the branch.
He is the shepherd; I am the sheep.
He makes me lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside still waters.
Even though I walk through the darkest valley of death,
I will not be afraid, for HE is with me.

I will go back home some day,
my home,
and never come back.
I will be with my father, my mother, my beloved…
and all my precious ones…
I miss you all,
and I cherish you all.