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People call me Snow, like the falling snow.

I drink only water when I am alone, no carbs, no sugar, no fat. I am not picky; I eat anything that is edible. I fence foil most of the time, saber occasionally. I do traditional archery and kyudo; I like it when my arrows hit the center of the target and when the arrows group (one right next to the other) because of the sound it makes.  I read Chinese articles 3 times faster than the English ones. I swim. I sing. I dance. I do yoga. I play instruments. I like board games because I get to interact with people.

I had a boyfriend. He is 110 days younger than me. He likes Apple. He reads news everyday. He studies electronics. He is book-smart. He has a 4.0 throughout college and he plans to get his master’s degree within one year. He doesn’t talk very often. He has a very sweet smile. He smiled a lot before we were together. We broke up on 1/11. Our friendship lasted for about 3 years.

I love my mom, but she left me when I was 22 after a few years of suffering. She was a delighted lady, full of wisdom. She entered the elementary school at the age of 5 and got her Bachelor’s degree at the age of 21 when there were only 1 out of 30 could get into college. She knew Chinese calligraphy, English, French, dongxiao, and guzheng. She played Chinese checkers well, and no one in her class could beat her. She liked making money, but she rarely spent. She has really good taste on clothing and decorations. She always gave me good suggestions on everything. She was born on the 23rd of November, died on the 23rd of February after living for 45 years. I miss her.

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