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3 West (Continued)

Many things have happened this the morning.

An old, VIP patient fell and hurt his knee, so the chief nurse had to call and comfort his wife, who I believe must had paniced and been anxious. It is often seen in the hospitals that old couples hold each other’s hand and support each other whenever they can. Even the ones that are not spending much can time together during the day, I can tell that they got married because they were in love and they probably have been loving each other.

And then, during my break, I was reading this novel about an old man walking, literally walking, to see his old female friend who he had lost contact with but suddenly heard from. In the sections I was reading today, there are detailed descriptions of his psychological changes as well as those of his wife’s, who stays at home as her husband progresses towards the destination. Over twenty-some years, their daily conversations have been minimized to simple greetings and superficial responses. However what they do not realize is that after these many years, they still love each other yet they don’t know it.

Somehow, I started to miss him. I also thought about my parents. And then myself. Life is so unpredictable, but if I read this book before mom was sick, if I shared this book with her before or while she was sick, and if she actually read it and thought about it, would anything change? Would she realize something that had been hiding from her during the years of marriage? How much I wish she was here with me.

A small but very interesting finding: the facial tissue can signal! The color of the last a few pieces is different from while, so people know when to refill, replace or make new purchases. Isn’t that cool?  

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