Before summer

This is 2014.
This is June.
One week after finals and commencement.
Beginning of the 14-week break.
One out of fourteen passed.

I am at LAX, boarding in 20 mins, heading to Vancouver, Canada then Beijing, China.
It is enjoyable to hear announcements in both English and French. This is one nice thing taking Air Canada.
I may travel to North Korea, Japan, Korea, Germany and Britain this summer.
I may attend my colleague’s wedding in Xi’an.
I may intern with one or two or three different organizations this summer.
I must plan ahead and start studying for professional exam/certificate program.
And lastly, I shall visit mom at where she was buried. This is the only reason why I must go home this summer, not mentioning the price of the ticket.
I hope this will be one of my many meaningful and memorable summer breaks. May I change to a better, holy, wise person after the summer.

Merci, 神さま.