The Return of the Prodigal Son: A Story of Homecoming

This is truly a book of spiritual adventure, illustrates with the author’s personal experiences the parable of the prodigal son and the Rembrandt’s painting.┬áReading this book while watching over my mother at her deathbed brings tears, grief and more questions about God and His characters.

I don’t want to face death, even though I feel like death is a better option than life if a person can choose before he/she is born. Moreover, it is my dearest person on earth who is passing away (unless God raises her up and grants her another 15 years of life). I thought I was strong enough to accept this fact and live a life that I used to live: studying abroad and not seeing her face. I overestimated myself. Nothing is going to be same for a child as the mother leaves. The younger son can still go back to his father after all, and the older son still has someone to urge him to rejoice and remind him that “All I have is yours.” After a fall, whom shall I go back to and from whom will I be comforted with warm embraces. Yes, I can fully rely on God and Christ, and the Holy Spirit will pray for me with groans that cannot be expressed in words. (Rome 8:26) BUT, I will lose forever a beloved person that gives me physical hugs, face to face encouragements, and lessons my ears are able to listen to.

If I beg God for saving her, and God says no. Am I getting something better later, like people say that God sometimes saves the best for the last? Who can be compared to a mother? It is such a unique presence that, in my opinion, no one can substitute.