2012 May

Everything makes me really depressed. It is already Week 8 of the Spring Quarter 2012. I have been listening to Those Flowers sung by FanFan. Both the melody and lyrics echo in my head and respond to my inner feelings.

I was reading an article from the Economist, part of my reading assignments. The content and the pictures just reminded me of all these unpleasant readings I had read for my classes, especially international studies related. Most of the time, the reading materials focus on the third world continents and countries like Africa, India, etc.

The fact that there is a large population suffering in this world while I have access to nearly everything I need makes me sad. Of course, feelings of me not being loved by anyone are also added onto the existed depression. The depression simply gets worse when I realize how weak and greedy I am. I feel so useless.

Without God’s grace, whom would I be, what life could I get? Would the term “get a life” even exist in the so-called life? I can’t imagine.

After watching a video posted by pengjier and the Love Life Documentart, I was faithfully touched and humbled. There is none like our God, none like Jesus Christ. He indeed is always awesome and deserves our full-hearted worship and praise.